The American Concrete Pumping Association has released a safety bulletin titled “Safe Concrete Pump Setup,” which provides guidelines for preventing concrete pump tip-overs and electrocutions. The bulletin emphasizes proper outrigger deployment, electrical safety, equipment inspection, and communication.



The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) has released a safety bulletin titled “Safe Concrete Pump Setup,” which aims to prevent tip-overs and electrocutions in concrete pumping operations. The bulletin highlights some of the most common causes of these accidents and provides guidelines for safely setting up a concrete pump.

One of the primary causes of concrete pump tip-overs is improper outrigger deployment. The bulletin advises operators to ensure that outriggers are fully extended, on level ground, and properly supported. Additionally, the bulletin recommends using safety devices such as proximity sensors and visual indicators to alert operators when the outriggers are not fully deployed.

Another major risk associated with concrete pumping operations is electrocution. The bulletin stresses the importance of identifying potential electrical hazards and ensuring that all equipment is properly grounded. It also recommends that operators avoid working near overhead power lines and that they have a clear understanding of electrical safety procedures.

The bulletin provides detailed instructions for proper concrete pump setup, including the importance of inspecting equipment before use, verifying that all safety devices are functioning properly, and ensuring that the pump is set up on level ground. It also emphasizes the importance of communication and coordination between the operator, the spotter, and the other workers on the job site.

The ACPA has developed a number of additional resources to help concrete pumping operators improve safety, including training materials, safety videos, and safety checklists. The organization also offers a certification program for concrete pump operators, which includes both written and practical exams to ensure that operators have the necessary knowledge and skills to safely operate concrete pumps.

By following the guidelines outlined in the “Safe Concrete Pump Setup” bulletin and taking advantage of the resources offered by the ACPA, concrete pumping operators can help reduce the risk of accidents and improve safety on job sites.





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