Hiring isn’t just about grabbing the best talent, and job hunting isn’t only about landing the gig. Both sides should be considering the best fit to set everyone up for success. After all, even a candidate’s most admirable qualities may be incompatible with how your company operates.

I’ve hired hundreds of people. Here’s why they got the job — plus some guiding principles to help you determine whether candidates are a good fit for your company.Interview for Fit.The perfect candidate for one position, or one company’s culture, could be a terrible fit for another. While it’s tempting to seek out the seemingly sparkling resume or perfect technical skills and let the rest take care of itself, this can be an expensive and frustrating mistake.

Asking the right questions during the interview will help you determine whether the candidate you’re considering could be more likely to help you meet goals or drag you off track. If you’re interviewing an ambitious team lead who wants a specific number of direct reports and an office with a door, they could feel undervalued from the start by your agile start-up with its open-floor layout.

omeone who depends on written procedures and rigid hierarchies might feel unmoored and undervalued by your more laid-back culture. That doesn’t mean they’re bad candidates, but not every candidate is self-aware or forthcoming enough to tell you those are their top priorities.

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