The stunning piece of green building architecture you’re looking at here is called the Rainbow Tree Residential Tower, and its architect claims that, once (if?) built, the 377-foot timber tower would bring more than 30,000 new plants, shrubs, and trees to the skyline of Cebu, Philippines.

The building was designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures, a Paris-based firm that specializes in innovative, forward-looking sustainable design. If you’ve ever dreamed about what a sustainable, technological utopia might look like, you’ll probably see something familiar among Callebaut’s other green building projects, even if the Rainbow Tree isn’t your cuppa. But, like, come on — it’s gorgeous!.

“At a time when we need to find radical solutions to reduce the global carbon footprint,” reads Vincent Callebaut’s high-minded proposal, “we have designed a 32-story, 115-meter high tower built of solid wood, as it is the only natural, abundant, and renewable material. This organic tower integrates the principles of passive bioclimatism and advanced renewable energies.

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