Juliana Trindade, Sergio Garcia, and Gabriel Fonseca



To investigate shear transfer in recycled and natural coarse aggregate concrete, 45 pushoff specimens were tested.

Replacement levels of natural coarse aggregates by recycled aggregates in concrete mixtures were 0, 30, 50, and 100%. Recycled aggregates were classified into two groups of original concrete strength: Group 1 (15 to 20 MPa) and Group 2 (35 to 40 MPa).

Results showed that the compressive strength of the original concrete influences the shear transfer capacity of recycled aggregate concrete. The higher amount of recycled aggregates showed a negative effect on shear strength of specimens using aggregates from lower original concrete strength (Group.

1); however, that was not detrimental in those made with aggregates from Group

2. Comparing experimental and theoretical results showed that ACI

318-14 code can be applied to recycled aggregate concrete in a conservative manner. The PCI and CSA codes provided higher values than the experimental ones and adjustments should be done accordingly.


pushoff; recycled aggregate; shear-friction theory