Instead of eliminating all emotion from your decision making, use these essential decision making emotions. It’s time to embrace valuable emotions and give up the myth that all emotion is risky and bad.So as you read journals that continue to press you to eliminate all emotion, think about how you will lead any human being if you do

Essential Decision Making Emotions

Let’s first look at why so-called experts still tell you to eliminate all emotion from your decisions. Are they incapable of balancing emotion with critical thinking? Do they fear that you can’t balance it either? Moreover, do they think that cognitive thinking and emotion are two steps you must keep separate? Well many people can process and balance both at the same time. And those who can have seen the quality of their decisions go up.

Balancing mind and heart gives leaders the ability to lead morale as an everyday practice. Leaders who make decisions about people with empathy and other positive emotion sustain and retain the talent they hired. So combining emotional intelligence (EQ) and IQ is essential for leaders and the results show it!

Use These Decision Making Emotions

Showing respect. Showing respect to those you lead is a part of decision making. As you include them in decision making or report decisions you have made, the respect you show is an emotion that they value tremendously.