Heba A. Gamal 1,M. S. El-Feky 2,Yousef R. Alharbi 3,Aref A. Abadel 3 andMohamed Kohail 1,*OrcID



The importance of the incorporation of nanomaterials in concrete has emerged as a promising research interest due to the outstanding functionalized properties of the materials at that size level.

This study aims to investigate the engineering and durability properties of concrete incorporated with hybrid nanomaterials. In this study, the influence of carbon nanotube (CNT) on microstructure, mechanical, and corrosion characteristics of nano-clay-based (NC) concrete has been evaluated.

The cement was replaced with CNT at different percentages of 0.01%, 0.02%, and 0.04% by weight, while NC was replaced at a constant percentage of 5%. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to examine the microstructural characterization of the samples. To investigate the influence of carbon nanotubes in the fresh properties, slump and air content tests were carried out.

The compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, and bond strength of the hardened concrete was evaluated according to ASTM standards. The porosity of specimens was determined by carrying out the sorptivity and water penetration tests.

The corrosion resistance of the steel bar embedded in concrete was assessed. The results of SEM examinations showed that incorporating CNT into the nano-clay-based concrete remarkably achieved a denser structure at all studied contents.

Further, significant enhancements in the mechanical properties, durability, and chloride penetration resistance were attained when incorporating CNT in the NC concrete. Further, adding CNTs improves the corrosion resistance and has proven useful resistance to crack propagation within the concrete matrix as compared to the control mix without CNT.

Results of this study prove that the incorporation of hybrid nano CNT and NC gives better performance for mechanical strength and durability properties. View Full-Text.



nanoclay; carbon nanotubes; tensile strength; sorptivity; corrosion; chloride penetration