Marta Kosior-Kazberuk, Janusz Ryszard KrentowskiORCID andMaciej WardachORCID



Reinforced concrete has been a widely used material for the construction of buildings for many decades. However, with the passage of time, the material characteristics and connection of structural elements gradually degrade.

Development in measurement technology makes it possible to efficiently obtain data on the current state of the structure and material characteristics using non-destructive methods, with limited or no destructive testing.

The paper presents the analysis of the condition of the reinforced concrete roof of a 100-year-old theatre building in terms of its further use after planned modernisation. The tests carried out in situ as well as the computational analysis of structure are described.

Based on the test results, the current load-bearing capacity was assessed and the limit state conditions were checked. Limitations on the accuracy of the non-destructive test results in relation to the destructive test results were formulated. Options for the strengthening reinforced concrete beams with regard to structural and technological considerations were analysed.



RC beams; NDT; historic structures; degradation; strengthening