Jin-Chao Yue, PhD Wen-Jie Li, MS Pan Gao, MS Shi-Xing Zhang, ME



In order to simulate the characteristics of underwater shield tunnels, a new large-scale model test system with high water pressure and high stress loading capacity was developed.

The loading control mode of the hydraulic system can perform uniform loading and gradient loading. Moreover, the vertical and horizontal hydraulic loading can reach 0·8 MPa and 1·6 MPa. The water pressure loading system has a maximum capacity of 0·5 MPa. Based on an actual project, a model test of an underwater shield tunnel lining under real soil and water pressure conditions was carried out.

New segment joints of the model were developed during the model testing. The lateral pressure coefficient at rest of the model strata was slightly larger than 0·5, and close to that of the field strata. It was also found that the water pressure had a reducing effect on the soil pressure under large buried depth and high water pressure conditions.

This system can mostly meet the requirements of underwater or underground engineering model tests.



field testing & monitoring tunnels & tunnelling underwater engineering