karim nader studio has released new photos showcasing the ongoing construction of on the rocks, a concrete and glass house sitting on the limestone bedrock of faqra, lebanon, at 1,700 meters above sea level.

the site, characterized by an almost lunar landscape with scenic rock formations known under the popular name of ‘houses of ghosts’ is located between ski slopes and roman ruins on mount lebanon, about one-hour drive north-east of beirut. reminiscent of its surroundings and deeply influenced by them, the retreat residence is due for completion in late 2020.

karim nader studio
 has set the residence amidst the limestone landscape of the small town of faqra in mount lebanon, which is characterized by its natural rock formations carved over the centuries by rain and snow. here, the lebanese architect has developed a project that expands the existing grey canvas of the natural surroundings into man-made fair-faced concrete volumes that accommodate the intimate functions of the house.