The use of Rapid Form Brackets on the construction of a four-story office building eliminated the need for about 720 two by fours at a cost of $4,800.

In addition, the contractor estimates a labor savings of $26,800.INNOVATIVE CONCRETE.Wood has been the concrete contractor’s formwork of choice for years. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to understand, light weight, can be easily cut to size, and easy to replace and dismantle.

However, lumber formwork also has its disadvantages. It has limited usage and cannot be reused on one job to the next. Wooden formwork also been known to absorb water from concrete when dry, reducing the strength in concrete structure.

On the other hand, lumber with too much moisture can compress wet concrete and cause cracks when shrinking occurs.

These challenges have resulted in hundreds of formwork alternatives— from steel, aluminum, manufactured timber, plywood, plastics and fabric—that claim to offer the trifecta: saved time, labor and money

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