Daniel Tal, Jon Altschuld



The primery focus of this book is how to implement and use drones as it related to architecture, engineering, and construction projects.“A Strategic Guide to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operation and Implementation “is a road map to implement UAVs through process driven steps with an emphasis on a AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction)projects.

This guide should be more than enough to get any reader started with flying a drone, getting insured/licenced, and collecting basic site and project data.


This book is Written for

“A Strategic Guide to Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operation and Implementation “is intended for anyone interested in using drones particularly on a professional level. This includes hobbyists’ architects, landscape architects, surveyors, engineers, planers and professionals working in exterior built and non-built environment.



Part1: Introduction to Drone Practice

1.How to Use this Book
2.A Paradigm Shift in Viewing the World
3.Drone Data Visualization as a Full Cycle Tool

Part 2: Getting Off the Ground

4.Buy In
5.Getting Started
6.Documentation, Permissions
7.Best Practices for Flying Drones

Part 3: Acquiring and Working with Drone Data

8.Imagery and Videos
10.Working with 3D Models
11.The Future of UAVs


Print Length

176 Pages





Publication Date

22 April 2021



18.54 x 0.76 x 23.11 cm