‘casa bautista’ is a secluded beachfront villa in the biosphere reserve of sian ka’an — a corner of mexico renowned for its natural beauty.

designed by architecture studio productora, the project is fully powered by solar and wind energy and promises its guests ‘sustainable luxury’.immersed in the jungle, the elevated concrete structure presents sweeping views of the natural landscape and the caribbean sea beyond.casa bautista is connected by a spiral staircase that leads from the natural terrain to the main floor, which contains five guest rooms as well as a communal dining room.

Elsewhere, private jacuzzis lead to the beach’s white sand dunes.the stairs then continue to the rooftop where a pool, an outdoor bathroom, and a separate grill area float atop the jungle canopy. productora explains that the entire project has been cast in an organic blue colored concrete, which appears to change its appearance throughout the day — shifting from ocean blue to sunset pink.