Balcytis Studija has designed a bus station in Lithuania with an undulating concrete roof that allows trees to rise through an opening.



located in a small lithuanian town, ‘vilkaviškis bus station’ by balčytis studija is topped with an undulating concrete roof.

the project prioritizes the relationship with the natural environment, while existing vegetation has been integrated into the bus station’s structure. the one-story building offers a green public space under the roof, which is open for concerts and performances, tastings of products produced by local farmers, outdoor cafes and other public activities

besides its transport function, balčytis studija‘s bus station seeks to concentrate services, small business and trade activities to help the municipality create new jobs in the region.

surrounded by greenery, its design philosophy resembles recreational buildings, setting an alternative direction for the design of transport infrastructure. the permeable building creates an intimate relationship with nature and the surrounding environment, removing the boundaries between interior and exterior.