Leslie Doyle



Essential Green Roof Construction is a comprehensive, in-depth guide to building simple green roofs for houses and small buildings.This guide packed with detailed photos, illustrations, case studies, and code compliance advice, it offers clear step-by-step instructions necessary to create your own living roof on a new build or as a retrofit. Coverage includes:

  • The benefits of a green roof
  • The basics of planning and design
  • Assessing site conditions such as aspect, slope, and loads
  • Navigating building codes and working with building officials
  • Material options, including professional grade and economical or local alternatives
  • Planting suggestions for different roof climates and conditions, including food production
  • When to call on professionals to ensure safety and integrity
  • Step-by-step guidance for safe roof installation and detailing
  • Annual green roof maintenance.


This Book is Written for

“Essential Green Roof Construction: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide” is for the do-it-yourself (DIV) builder and will give the necessary Knowledge and confidence to the readers for installing green roofs.



1.Introduction to Green Roofs

2.Green Roof Layers and Roofing Terminology

3.Before You Start

4.Roof Access and Safety

5.Site and Design Factors


7.Green Roof Material Options

8.Roral New Build

9.An urban Retrofit Build


11.Food Production Roofs


Print Length

176 pages



New Society Publishers


Publication Date

25 Nov. 2021



21.59 x 1.32 x 27.94 cm