Improve Retention:

Want to spend more time on your business and less time in talent search? Want to invest fewer dollars in bringing new employees up to speed?

You need to improve your retention. But how?

Across the board, studies show that all generations — including millennials — wish their leadership took more notice of them and their accomplishments. In my corporate training program, “The Invisible Leaders: How to Find Them and Let Them Shine,” we delve deep into visibility — what it means and why it matters. If you want to drive up your retention numbers and unearth the overlooked talent in your organization, read on.

1. Provide positive feedback to your overlooked talent
We all want to be seen — even in some small way — for the good we do. Even the very shy appreciate a verbal pat on the back that shows appreciation. Your genuine thanks gives both recognition and confirmation that they’re on the right track and meeting expectations. Most of us need that check-in to affirm for ourselves that what we do means something to someone. Make it a point to be that someone.