Xianhua Yao, Junyi Xi, Junfeng Guan, Lijun Liu, Linjian Shangguan and Zhaowen Xu



The wastewater from ready-mixed concrete plants is currently being recycled as concrete mixing water. It has attracted significant attention from the construction industry and researchers since it promotes sustainable development through environmental protection, energy-saving, and emissions reduction.

This article review first introduces the nature of wastewater in ready-mixed concrete plants in different regions. Then the effects of solid content in water on various properties of concrete, including working performance, durability and microscopic properties, are reviewed, respectively, when concrete is mixed with wastewater instead of tap water.

Furthermore, the microscopic mechanism of action in concrete mixing with wastewater is discussed, and future work is recommended. This review provides fundamentals on the study of the properties of concrete after wastewater is mixed into concrete.



ready-mixed concrete plant wastewater; solid content; workability; mechanical properties; durability; microstructure