Take control of your own professional growth by prioritizing development opportunities and asking for feedback and support, Hannah Sincavage writes. Taking ownership of the things you can control, such as your attitude, self-image, productivity and how you treat others can also boost your personal growth, Sincavage notes.



Many things can feel outside of our control or reach. For instance, a person can ask for a raise or promotion, but whether they receive the advancement is not a decision they directly get to make and is ultimately beyond their control.

A person can also get stuck in traffic because they have no control over other people’s driving habits or because an accident happened farther down the road. This lack of control over situations and circumstances can be frustrating.


Controlling What You Can

In the modern workplace, it’s important to focus on the factors within our control that can affect our personal and professional growth.


1. Your Attitude

You can decide how you approach situations. You have the option to be enthusiastic, annoyed, or ambivalent. By taking control of your attitude, you can decide how you feel during a task or situation and influence the outcome. If you feel empowered or excited to complete a project, you will probably work faster and more diligently than you would if you were frustrated or annoyed.


2. Your Productivity

Although you can’t control other people’s productivity, you can control your own. You can choose which tasks to focus on first and how quickly and conscientiously you complete them.Attitude also influences productivity, and by choosing to have a good attitude, a person will be more productive and feel more personal pride in the high-quality work they produce.


3. Your Work Ethic

Do you think that it’s valuable to work hard? Do you feel motivated to work? Are you proud of what you can contribute when you put in the effort? You decide how strong your work ethic is and how much you’re willing to bring to the table every day. By reminding yourself of this, you can choose to work harder and be a team player in your organization.