The cyclical nature of the construction industry, coupled with the hours and intense labor, can make it challenging for any hiring manager to keep positions filled and remain competitive. What’s more, an increased number of Baby Boomers are exiting the workforce with decades of experience, forcing leaders in the industry to up their game when it comes to recruiting.

The resume used to be the only tool human resources used to screen applicants. A one-sheet summary with a list of qualifications, a few accolades and maybe a few references was all that it took to get one’s foot in the door. If a company’s practice is to rely solely on one-dimensional resumes to make hiring decisions, it could wind up being a costly mistake for the team and the company.

When hiring for the construction industry (or any industry for that matter), one must look at not only technical skills but soft skills as well. Does the candidate work well on teams? Does he or she have excellent communication skills? Do they possess a need for precision and details? Are they task or people focused? How do they assess risk and handle pressure? All of these traits, combined with the technical know-how, make the perfect package. In all practicality, how can all of this be determined just with a resume?

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