All of us are stressed at times, and sometimes the best countermeasures are simple things like understanding what you can control, practicing “present-moment awareness” and keeping stress from growing into anxiety, LaRae Quy writes. Get a hobby while you’re at it to “provide a slice of focus and attention that is not tethered to our work life,” Quy writes.



Feeling stressed? Join the crowd. No matter your viewpoint on what’s going on in the world, the reality is that you have burdens a little closer to home — as parents, leaders, students or simply as adults who need to pay bills and navigate the complexity of your environment.

Yep, stress can suck. It wreaks havoc with both your mental and physical health, to say nothing of your peace of mind.This is about the time to remind yourself that stress is timeless. Life has always been hard. People got sick, survived wars, endured famines and raised teenagers. People have had to learn how to deal with stress since the beginning of time — and survived, hopefully a little wiser than when they started.

Most hack advice about how to overcome stress comes with platitudes like exercise regularly, take vitamins, light a candle and reduce your intake of caffeine. For adults who deal with serious stress, this advice sounds a bit like a second-grade tutorial.

What is stress? Dr. Cynthia Ackrill describes stress as your physical and mental reaction to what you perceive is happening. The majority of stress is created by how you view your world — and yourself. If your perception doesn’t meet your expectations, you feel stressed.