Xiaofang Kang Shuai Li Jun Hu Guanghui Xia Yi Cai Jun Zheng Jiaxin Luo Guoliang Liu Shancheng Lei Xinqi Wang Qiwen Huang Mengjun Han



In this paper, two adjacent buildings of unequal height are established using finite-element software, and damping devices are connected between the two buildings. The results of three models were obtained through non-linear analysis.

These include the adjacent building model (CAIM-T) based on the tuned viscous mass damper, the adjacent building model (CAIM-V) with the viscous damper connection (CAIM-V) and adjacent building structure no additional damping model (CAIM).

The results show that through reasonable parameter design and adjustment, compared with the CAIM system, the CAIM-T system and the CAIM-V system can weaken the interlayer drift and floor acceleration of the building structure, and the CAIM-T system has better vibration control effect than the CAIM-V system.



building, structures & design finite-element modelling seismic engineering