A new architectural western sydney landmark, the punchbowl mosque by australian firm candalepas associates reinterprets traditional islamic architecture elements through a contemporary, unassuming and, at times, brutalist lense. Built for the australian islamic mission (AIM), the mosque incorporates a sculptural concrete ceiling of 102 quarter-spherical ‘muqarnas’, a reference to traditional ornamental vaulting.

Candalepas associates has developed a complex of buildings for the punchbowl mosque, including learning and religious worship facilities for the local muslim community. constructed during phase one, the mosque itself can be accessed through the first of the two courtyards of the development, and can accommodate approximately 300 worshipers.

upon entrance, men and women separate, with male worshipers moving to the main prayer hall through the compressed entry awning and the triangular form of the male ablutions area. women move to the opposite direction, under the minaret and into the female ablutions area, ending up at the prayer galleries on level one and two of the mosque, which extend under the timber dome and oculus into the main prayer space below.