Top leaders always strive to show up at their best, prepared and aware that every situation could hold bigger opportunities than they may know about, writes Kevin Eikenberry. “Showing up with a positive expectation of both our performance and the result plays a big part in our success,” Eikenberry writes.



Woody Allen said 90% of life is just showing up. He has a point. If we stay in our bed, in our shell and never show up, not much (good or bad) will happen to us. But showing up can mean much more than that.While showing up takes intention, showing up when it matters most – and being prepared for that moment – is about more than life. It is about joy, growth, satisfaction, pride, and success.

This week is one of those moments where I need to show up – I am facilitating Virtual LeaderCon helping leaders from around the world (including you we hope) learn from our 30 leadership experts and each other.As I think about what is in front of me, I realize it is my time to make a difference. We all have these moments, and when we do the five things below, we will be our best in those moments.


Showing Up Aware

Sometimes it is clear that the moment in front of you is important. (I certainly know this week is an important one for our team and more role is an important one.) But have you ever looked back at a situation and realized it was a bigger opportunity than you thought? When I think back on those moments, my biggest thought is always about what I would have done differently (better) had I realized it.

Yes, hindsight is always 20/20 and we can’t get those opportunities back. But we can learn from them. And the biggest lesson is to always be looking for opportunities that may show up.