In anticipation of the 2024 Olympic Games, Plaine Commune Grand Paris has awarded the Freyssinet / Lavigne & Cheron Architects / Quadric / XtreeE / LafargeHolcim consortium the design-build of a 40-meter pedestrian footbridge in Paris whose deck will be entirely made of 3D printed structural concrete.

This project, which combines complementary technical expertise, paves the way for the realization of complex architectural and structural 3D printed concrete elements and for the development of customized solutions, with controlled costs and deadlines.

For the first project of this magnitude – at least as far as footbridges are concerned – leveragin 3D structural concrete printing, construction enters into the era of industrialization 4.0. The digital design of the structure, the production in industrial conditions of footbridge components and their rapid assembly on-site bring agility and frugality:

less transport, no need for formwork, less material consumed (target of a 60% reduction in concrete consumption compared to conventional structures) and greater freedom of form for architects.