XTreeE, a France-based specialist in 3D printing concrete and construction, is reportedly working on a new project for a customer in the Caribbean.

The project in question—a joint effort by XTreeE, Martinique-based telecoms infrastructure company Art & Fact Innovation and engineering firm Lamoureux & Ricciotti—consists of 3D printing 12-meter-tall telecom towers that blend seamlessly into the environment.

According to Les Echos, XTreeE is currently 3D printing the concrete structures at its facility in Rungis, France using its robotic additive manufacturing system. Eventually, the 12-meter-tall towers will be deployed in Guadeloupe to enable broader access to 5G networks.

Why 3D print the towers instead of using more traditional telecoms infrastructure? In short, to ensure a more aesthetically appealing landscape. That is, XTreeE was enlisted to manufacture the tall structures to avoid dotting the Guadeloupe landscape with unsightly metal communications towers.