In the latest consolidation move in the tightening construction software market, wetlands documentation app company Ecobot announced it has acquired software maker WetForm, one of its main competitors.

The sale was a combination of stock and cash, and the valuation was not disclosed. Ecobot is a mobile app that automates much of the reporting paperwork required for wetlands documentation (ENR 4/20 p. 79). WetForm’s software offers similar capabilities.

While Ecobot plans to fold much of the functionality of WetForm’s software into its own app, the company plans to support WetForm and its customers for at least three years, says Lee Lance, co-founder of Ecobot. “If they are happy with the solution they have, we will continue to support them, but we want to give them a look at Ecobot as well,” he says.

Patrick Murphy, founder of WetForm and an environmental scientist, will join Ecobot as its senior wetlands scientist. “I want to hand the baton off, and I like the attitude so far of Ecobot. I like the fact they’ve incorporated things I wanted but knew I could never incorporate,” he says.