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Europe’s Largest Green

Façade Hosts 30,000 Hedge

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Wirelessly Monitor Concrete Curing

with Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors

Concrete that Reduces

Carbon Dioxide Emission

Living Concrete Made From

Bacteria Used to Create Replicating Bricks

Researchers Made 3,900

Pound Boulders They Can Move by Hand

BAM Helps Develop

AI System for Concrete Strength

Designing a Flexible Material to

ProtectBuildings and Military Personnel

Researchers Develop High

Strength Lightweight Cement

AI App Debuted to Track

Jobsite Social Distancing Practice

Bendable Safe Long lasting

and Green Cement free Concrete

University Professore

Launches World First Recycled Brick

Drone Equipped with

Nail gun Can Fix the Roof

Researchers Create

SelfCleaning Concrete

Concrete with Improved Impact

Endurance for Defense Structures Developed

Plastic Roads Move Forward in

Australia and Europe

GFRP Rebar Shows

Promise For Use in Bridges Decks

FPV Robotics Debuts Waver Drone to Inspect

 Infrastructure on Land on Water and in the Air

Fuel Cell Drone to Inspect Pipelines 50 Miles at a Time

Scaled Robotics Keeps an

Autonomous Eye on Busy Construction Sites

Pressure Sensing Drone

Designed to Inspect Skyscrapers

A more sustainable material

to reinforce concrete structures

Dynamic Infrastructure Implements Deep AI

Technology  to Prevent Bridges and Tunnels from Collapsing