Use the ‘15-Minute Checkout’ to Save Time and Your Sanity — at Work and in Life

Odds are you can relate, especially at work. You are ever busy, yet at the end of the day, you wonder what you really accomplished. Worse, the next morning, you arrive at your desk already overwhelmed. You feel unfocused and unsure of your priorities, or even with a master plan, you have trouble getting down to business. It’s genuinely frustrating — and, by all means, I get it.

Not long ago, I was managing a rewarding yet highly demanding career as a military officer. At the same time, I was teaching philosophy at a university, pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy, and together with my wonderful wife, remodeling a house while, silly us, choosing to live in it. On top of that, I was (and still am) an incorrigible polymath and life tinkerer — never meeting an idea I didn’t want to instantly understand, rework, or play around with incessantly.

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