Unique Concrete Mold Shapes the Future of Breakwaters 
Spanish engineers Antonio Corredor Molguero and Carlos Fermín Menéndez Díaz were named finalists in the 2019 European Inventor Award program for their reusable mold. The invention enables patented concrete units called Cubipods to be produced industrially and used as breakwaters to protect harbors and coastlines.
“Corredor and Menéndez’s invention has been a crucial factor in making the Cubipod economically viable for industry,” says European Patent Office President António Campinos. “Their work shows how universities and businesses can work together by licensing intellectual property.”
Developed by Spanish researchers Josep Ramon Medina and Esther Gómez-Martín at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in Spain, the Cubipod’s cube-shaped design has protrusions on each face that prevent the blocks from forming a “self-packing” arrangement. This means that unlike conventional cubic blocks, Cubipods have no flat surfaces that can adhere to each other, eliminating the danger that a breakwater will compact at the bottom and open up at the top.