Sergey Makhno Architects has envisioned a subterranean concrete home built for enduring the “unpleasant surprises” that may await in the post-pandemic world.

Kyiv-based studio Sergey Makhno Architects told Dezeen that the global coronavirus crisis was the “trigger” for visualising Underground House Plan B, a piece of conceptual architecture.”We realised that the world has many more unpleasant surprises for us, to which even the most highly developed environmentally, socially and technically savvy countries may not be ready,” said the studio.

However, instead of creating a typically austere bunker, the studio envisioned a cosy hideout where someone would like to live “even when there is no apocalypse”.In renderings, the home is pictured in a clearing of trees in the Ukrainian forest. A helipad would allow occupants to land while evacuating to their bunker.