Survival bunkers are big business nowadays, with some people prepared to splash serious cash to try and ensure their safety, come what may. The Plan B underground bunker is purely conceptual at the moment, but looks like it could cater to well-heeled types and offer a pretty comfortable place to hunker down.

Plan B would be made from reinforced concrete and would have a total floorspace of 2,280 sq m (around 24,500 sq ft), with three spiral staircase entrances. Designer Sergey Makhno Architects envisions it being placed near a larger home or in an out of the way location.

“The project proposal provides comfortable living for two or three families with children and staff with their families,” explains the firm. “If necessary, the project can be redesigned for a much larger number of people, but at this stage, we are interested in experimenting with the underground space in such a way as to create the illusion of being above the surface – as if you could look out the window and see the blue sky.”

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