A Chinese company started building an ultra-high tower in Egypt with the help of BIM technology. The T01 Iconic tower will become one of the ten highest residential towers in the world when completed.



On October 29, the main tower of T01 bid section of the ultra-high complex project of Alamein new city in Egypt starts ground construction.This project is the largest spot exchange project signed by Chinese enterprises in the Egyptian market, and it is also the starting point and center of the construction of Alamein new city.

Among them, the symbolic tower built by China Construction First Group Construction & Development CO. LTD is about 300 meters high, with a building area of about 400 thousand square meters. After completion, it will become one of the highest ten residential buildings in the world, and is the largest single building constructed by CSCEC overseas.


Construction speed of 8 pile foundations per day

In the early stage of construction, the temporary construction and earth excavation of the project have become the biggest problem faced by the project team.

In order to carry out the excavation of super large deep foundation pit in the desert of about 150000 square meters, the project team coordinated the allocation of more than 30 muck trucks and 20 excavators. In two months, it successfully completed 80 offices and living houses that can accommodate about 1000 workers.

Since the height of the main tower is about 300 meters, it needs strong pile foundation support. After careful calculation, a total of 375 post-grouting rotary drilling bored piles with a diameter of 1.2 meters and a pile length of 45 meters need to be completed, the overall number and volume are enormous.

The T01 Iconic tower team actively researched construction arrangements with local subcontractors, and optimized the construction route, resulting in improving construction efficiency.

Ultimately, the construction speed of the pile foundation in the T01 iconic tower reached 8 roots per day, which is the package with the largest number of working piles completed in a single day and the largest amount of concrete pouring in a single day among the five packages of the entire Alamein Downtown Towers project.