In the middle of a pandemic, the UK laid out a bold vision for its future – and its fate lies in the hands of construction and infrastructure.

“Over the past few decades, we’ve failed to invest enough in the United Kingdom, which has meant that the quality of our infrastructure has fallen behind that of other countries,” chief executive officer of the UK’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) Nick Smallwood said.The country’s 100-page new National Infrastructure Strategy may look dull, and to be honest it is.

But if you can get past the government catch phrases, like “build back better,” you’ll actually find an incredibly ambitious plan – one that bets on economic equality, climate change and a fragmented society all being partly solved by construction.

From massive high-speed railways to super-sewers, tunnels under ancient landmarks and fibre-optic broadband, these huge, complex, and often controversial megaprojects could change the nation.