Designed by Spain’s ERA Architects, the Pinea Mobile is a stripped-down shelter – essentially a bedroom on wheels – measuring just 4.50 x 1.97 m (14.7 x 6.5 ft) inside. The simple dwelling is currently used for glamping and runs off-the-grid with solar power.

The Pinea Mobile is based on a double-axle trailer and is constructed using sustainably-sourced wood and recycled cork. Its fabric facade is water resistant and there’s also a mosquito net installed to keep out creepy-crawlies.

Its roof sports a 50-W solar panel and some greenery that’s meant to offer insulation. The solar panel is hooked up to a battery array and provides enough juice for visitors to charge their smartphones and run the interior lighting.

The roof is also connected to a rainwater harvesting system that has a simple filter made of old corks and can hold up to 100 liters (26 gal). The captured rainwater is used to irrigate the greenery up on the roof.