IT networking and security company Brash Concepts has begun adding thermal cameras to jobsites for a contractor client in New York City.

The cameras are intended to measure the body temperature of workers to identify those that may be running a fever, which is an early symptom of a COVID-19 infection.​One of the contractor’s jobsites already has the cameras, and three more will get them within the next week, Yuval Brash, CTO of Brash Concepts, told Construction Dive. The system will notify managers if a worker has a fever, with the threshold set at 100 degrees F​.Brash said the next step will be combining the thermal cameras with facial recognition, perhaps even when a worker is wearing a mask, to help boost jobsite security.

With the Brash system, workers approaching the jobsite will be encouraged to do so one by one, pausing briefly in front of the camera to make sure it gets an accurate read of their temperature before they’re permitted on site.The camera checks are not a definitive measurement of who might be carrying the coronavirus, Brash said, but do provide more security, safety and comfort for workers on site. Brash would not share which client is using the thermal cameras.