The World’s First Building Made From Carbon-Fiber
Reinforced concrete starts construction in Germany


Two months ago, the foundation was poured for CUBE, a 2,200-sf, two-story building on the premises of Technical University Dresden in Germany, that claims to be the world’s first building made entirely of carbon-fiber reinforced concrete.

This 5 million Euro (US$5.63 million) project, which was delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak, is now scheduled for completion next spring. It consists of two parts: a precast “box”; and the “twist,” a double-curved roof that the lighter-weight and bendable composite facilitates. This university building—with classroom, lab, and presentation spaces, and a small kitchen—will be distinguished by its 24-meter length of seamless concrete.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research provided the financing for this demonstration project, which is also known locally as Carbonhaus. (CUBE is shorthand for C3—Carbon Concrete Composite.) The design architect is Gunter Henn, chairman of Munich-based architecture firm HENN.

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