Imagine a construction worker has stayed two hours longer than his normal shift, perhaps he is covering for a friend. He’s stressed and tired, his heart rate is up, and his alertness is reduced.

It is potentially an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately, your company has invested in the Internet of Things (IoT). An automatic alert has already been sent from the device he wearing to his shift manager, who can pinpoint his exact location and quickly intervene.

This is just one of the many potential uses that the IoT could bring to construction. Interventions like this could prevent mistakes and even save lives. That is why the Internet of Things is one of the most exciting new innovations in construction technology. Consultants at McKinsey believe it could have a global economic impact of nearly $1 trillion on worksites worldwide by 2025.

Already, $8 billion has been invested in IoT in construction worldwide and with the sheer variety of applications and some serious benefits, it could be a very promising market indeed.