Snøhetta has completed the sustainable Powerhouse Brattørkaia office in Trondheim, Norway, which produces more than double the amount of electricity it consumes daily.

Located on the harbour overlooking Trondheim Fjord, the angular office building is wrapped by 3,000-square-metres of solar panels that provide green energy for itself, neighbouring buildings and city transport.Architecture studio Snøhetta hopes this will set a new standard for the building industry in light of the climate crisis, without compromising on aesthetics.

Energy-positive buildings are the buildings of the future. The mantra of the design industry should not be ‘form follows function’ but ‘form follows environment’,” said Snøhetta founder Kjetil Trædal Thorsen.”This means that the design thinking of today should focus on environmental considerations and reducing our footprint first, and have the design follow this premise.”

The Powerhouse Brattørkaia office building measures 18,000 square metres, and is connected to the city’s train station via a pedestrian bridge on the rear end of the building.It also houses a cafe and a visitor centre on the ground floor that will be used to educate the public on the building’s design and sustainable building strategies for the future.