In Milwaukee, new technology is helping transform an old building site.The construction of Komatsu Mining Corporation’s $285 million headquarters is widely considered a good idea because the redeveloped property will be an attractive addition to the Harbor District.

More to the point, it is a smart idea because it showcases Komatsu’s Smart Construction technology.”This is the first time for Komatsu using smart technology to construct a Komatsu facility. It’s a demonstration of the technology,” said Jason Anetsberger, the company’s smart construction senior manager.

Komatsu excavators and dozers are performing tasks using Intelligent Machine control systems. Drones are providing eyes in the sky and collecting data for the company’s Dashboard management system. Managers and crews are getting real-time information from Dashboard so that their 3D plans and management tools always reflect what’s happening on the ground.

Heads up: If this sounds like a technology fashion event — a promenade just for show — think again.”The key thing here is, tech for tech’s sake is not a win,” Anetsberger said.