A total of 20 recycled shipping containers have been used to create a hotel and office building situated in a winery among 145 acres (58 hectares) of rolling vineyards in California. The container-based hotel rooms feature an unusual design centered around a raised roof area that’s meant to improve space, ventilation, and light inside.

The project is named Geneseo Inn and was created by Echotech Design, in collaboration with fabricator Crate Modular, plus the owners of the winery it’s located in, Steve Cass and Ted Plemons.It has seven standard hotel rooms, each of which is made from two 20-ft (6-m)-long shipping containers joined to a 12-ft (3.6-m)-tall “cathedral ceiling” structure at the center that serves as an entrance.

“The buildings are raised dramatically above the vineyard on multiple steel piloti to create a covered parking area underneath, andenhance views over the surrounding wine country,” explains Ecotech Design. “A 12-ft (3.6-m)-high ‘cathedral ceiling’ clerestory with multiple, operable windows enhances natural ventilation and daylighting to conserve energy and support healthier interiors.