Love them or hate them, shipping containers continue to spark the imaginations of architects worldwide. The latest example is the Container House, a vacation home expands its limited living space with a sheltered outdoor multipurpose area.

Container House (aka Casa Abierta Container) was designed by Plannea Arquitectura and Constanza Domínguez Claro, and is located in rural Chile. It measures 95.3 sq m (1,022 sq ft) and came about when Domínguez Claro wanted to install a container on some family-owned land for storage use.The idea was then hit upon that it could be used as an opportunity to create a vacation home too.The containers measure 40 ft (12.1 m) in length each.

One has a height of 2.40 m (7.9 ft), while the other is slightly more spacious with a height of 2.70 m (8.8 ft). Both are painted black and are modified with glazing and doors, as well as wooden cladding.The largest container hosts a bedroom with two beds, a bathroom, and a small living area with a sofa and a dining/office table. The smaller container is only used for storage space at the moment, though could potentially be outfitted with more bedrooms if required in the future.

Both containers are sheltered by a large sloping roof, which should help mitigate their poor thermal performance. The roof also creates a semi-outdoor living space between them that will be used for parties, or as exercise space or an office area when the weather’s suitable.Hammock-style chairs hang down from the ceiling and a basic kitchenette is also installed, as are some additional chairs made from repurposed fruit storage pallets. A children’s play area and camp fire area are nearby.