Many of the changes needed today to keep our cities moving and our streets safe in response to the coronavirus crisis are the same as we need to tackle the climate crisis.

Climate action charity Possible has created a self-watering ‘green’ roadblock to help cities’ with their Covid-19 emergency transport plans.The roadblocks are designed to prevent the predicted surge in post-lockdown motor traffic from overwhelming UK city streets.The first wave of six blocks have been installed in Chiswick by the London Borough of Hounslow.Working with specialist civil engineering firms and horticultural experts, Possible’s innovation team adapted standard concrete roadblocks to embed high-tech rainwater reservoirs beneath recesses planted with a selection of drought-tolerant species .

Designed to capture and store rainfall naturally, the ‘Concrete Jungle’ blocks can keep their plants supplied with water for up to six weeks between rainfall events.Possible created the Concrete Jungle units to give councils a low-cost way of including urban greening in new statutory measures to change road layouts to make cycling and walking safer and more attractive when lockdown restrictions are eased. The blocks are intended as a greener alternative to plastic barriers or concrete bollards that also overcomes maintenance issues and costs associated with traditional planters.