Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG) recently unveiled its design for a new supertall skyscraper for Nanjing, China.

The South HeXi Yuzui Financial District Tower will feature an eye-catching sculpted form that will mitigate the effects of the wind and the building will also boast some energy-efficient design.The 500-m (1,640-ft)-tall skyscraper’s design is inspired by the flowing waters of the nearby Yangtze River and will feature a 360-degree open-air observatory at its top that will offer superb views of the surrounding city.

“The river reflects light, throwing out textures and dimensions, much like the tower’s exterior, which is shaped to mitigate wind vortices, optimize views, and enhance both the structure and the program,” explains AS+GG’s press release. “Its mixed-use office program also features a unique observatory amenity with a stunning viewing platform.

The skyscraper is slated to receive LEED Gold (a green building standard) and will collect rainwater in tanks underground where it will be treated and stored for reuse. This will cut mains water use by an estimated 55 percent. Additionally, the building’s glazing will be made up of efficient glass that’s designed to reduce solar heat gain while still ensuring ample natural light reaches the interior.