Milestone in its pursuit of advancing construction additive manufacturing. The German company has sold its first BOD2 construction 3D printer (made by COBOD) to German concrete specialist Röser GmbH.

PERI GmbH has been an active supporter of construction AM for a couple of years now: the company invested in Denmark-based COBOD back in 2018 and last April became an official distributor of COBOD’s BOD2 printer. The sale to Röser marks its first successful transaction since this announcement.

Röser installed the 3D printer earlier this month with the help of a dedicated team of engineers from PERI. It will use the BOD2 system to manufacture prefabricated concrete elements at its new facility in Laupheim, Germany.

With construction 3D printing added to its capabilities, the company aims to exploit the freedom of design that AM enables to create concrete parts for the open space planning sector, as well as special-purpose parts for the road construction and civil engineering sectors, creative pieces for building construction and stylish concrete products.