Argentina-based studio Grandio has designed a prefabricated cabin made with reinforced concrete and lightweight polymers. The 484-square-foot home can be installed in under a day, and features an adaptable structure that can be either reduced or extended.



Grandio’s Hüga cabin can be installed in under a day and is designed to bring a taste of Danish hygge to its owners’ lives.

The Argentinian studio spent two years developing the prefab, which it describes as ‘another step in evolution, to transform our homes.’ Hüga is made from reinforced concrete and lightweight polymer and has an adaptable structure that means the home can be extended or reduced depending on what’s needed.

It measures 45 sq m in total, including a mezzanine sleeping area, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space. The Grandio team has tailored the home’s interior to reduce energy consumption, giving it a minimal yet comfy feeling in line with its hygge philosophy.

Built-in storage maximises the home’s tiny footprint, and metal shutters fold upwards to reveal large sliding windows and help shade the interiors.