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The General Contractor of the future will be successful based on their ability to identify, evaluate and implement new technologies.

In 2017, computing power became sufficient to open up the doors for some of the toughest challenges in Construction to be addressed by software solutions. Billions of dollars of venture capital poured into tech start-up companies and the Construction tech renaissance kicked into gear.

With the influx of technology available, though, construction companies have found it difficult to determine and implement what they need to build faster, high-quality, cost-effective projects.

How do shrewd construction companies avoid overwhelm and use tech to build better projects? This is what I discuss in this week’s podcast episode with René Morkos. The son of a civil engineer, René grew up in the construction industry. He has worked on construction projects worldwide.

René is the founder and CEO of ALICE Technologies and teaches at Stanford University’s Ph.D. program in Construction Management.Some of the important highlights we discuss are:

  • The one position you need to create to take advantage of the tech renaissance
  • the three-step process in evaluating the right technology for your organization, and
  • the one question CEOs need to ask every night before going to bed that should drive the decisions you make to take advantage of the renaissance