1 day Testing and inspection specialist Socotec has introduced a new bidirectional pile load testing solution for heavily loaded piles.

Socotec said that its bidirectional pile testing method was developed to more clearly distinguish between shaft and end resistances and the true capacity of the element, particularly when dealing with long piles and high loads.

Socotec’s solution has been developed using Supercell embedded elements, a cast-in-place loading system which produces the bidirectional axial loading forces during the testing process. The Supercell creates an extendable element within the structure that allows for separate movement in both the shaft and the base, providing individual data on the end bearing and shaft resistance and fully mobilising the base.

Initial installations and tests have been performed in conjunction with Franki Pile, whose low-headroom high capacity piles are well suited to the bidirectional test method, Socotec said.