Hear about the role of the project manager in successful innovation from John Carter, an inventor of the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones who shares the original patent with Dr. Amar Bose. John shares the surprising discovery they made by talking to customers about critical features.

Topics include the differences between a program manager and a project manager, career progression for a PM, how to assess PM talent, managing project risk, establishing boundary conditions, small “a” Agile, and the characteristics of a successful PM.

Table of Contents

  • 00:32 … Meet John
  • 03:43 … The Bose Headphone Project
  • 06:14 … Listening to the Customer
  • 10:00 … Taking Risks in Innovation Projects
  • 13:45 … Courage to Bring Bad News
  • 15:30 … Effect of COVID-19 on Innovation and Work
  • 19:46 … Program Management vs. Project Management
  • 22:21 … Career Progression from PM to Program Management
  • 26:19 … Characteristics of a Successful PM
  • 28:11 … Why is it Difficult to Hire a Successful PM?
  • 30:38 … Small “a” Agile
  • 35:55 … Establishing Boundary Conditions
  • 40:48 … John’s Success Tips
  • 43:31 … Get in Touch with John
  • 44:14 … Closing

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