Having been founded by the designer of China’s CCTV, Büro Ole Scheeren has never been content to create drab, boring office buildings.

Its latest project, named Shenzhen Wave, once again breaks the mold and will rise to a height of 60 m (196 ft) and be topped by a large bulging area that hosts a greenery-filled leisure space inside.Shenzhen Wave will serve as a new headquarters for Chinese telecommunications company ZTE and will be part of the larger Shenzhen Bay Super HQ District development on the bustling megacity’s waterfront.

Visitors will enter into the “Lobby Node” at ground level. Most of the available floorspace will be given over to office space, dubbed the “Work Stack.” Flexibility will be a main focus here, and each office is designed so it can be sub-divided, altered, and reconfigured, depending on requirements. Outdoor terrace areas on each level will also be available in an attempt to foster a healthy working.