With global temperatures on the rise and wildfires regularly breaking out in places such as California and Australia, the increasingly popular construction material may seem like a risky way to build for an uncertain future.

Sustainable, renewable, and versatile: It’s hard to find a better building material than wood. It’s often the builder’s go-to, whether for a single-family home in the suburbs or a low-rise apartment complex in the city.

And it’s growing even more versatile. Thanks to a slate of relatively new engineered wood products such as cross-laminated timber and glued laminated timber, wood is becoming bigger and stronger.

These engineered products, known as mass timber for their glued-together thickness, are increasingly finding their way into construction projects around the world, from an eight-story apartment building in Portland to two 10-story office buildings now under construction in Toronto to an 18-story mixed-use tower in Norway that is currently the world’s tallest timber building.