Following major proposals for Shenzhen by MVRDV and NBBJ, MAD Architects has now revealed its own vision for the Chinese megacity. Shenzhen Bay Culture Park will create a new public park on the waterfront with a museum, theater, and more, and will be defined by unusual large stone-like buildings.

The Shenzhen Bay Culture Park will cover an area measuring 51,000 sq m (roughly 550,000 sq ft). It will be located near KPF’s China Resources Tower on the waterfront, within the Houhai area of the city’s Nanshan district, which is nicknamed “China’s Silicon Valley.”

Its most defining feature will be the stony buildings – or “smooth monumental stones,” as MAD puts it. These will be connected to a museum, split into north and south buildings, and host exhibition spaces. Much of the project will be subterranean and covered with green roofs, including businesses, a theater, and cafe.

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